Pay us by PayPal, Skrill and Credit Card !

Signup & Pay us with Credit Card!

You'll be asked for Card last 4 digits showing picture for security reason
  • You must have your credit card, we will be required the picture of your credit card showing last 4 digits of your credit card to make sure, you're the owner of credit card and its not a stolen card.
  • We need a picture of your credit card showing the las t 4 digits of your credit card because of making sure you have your own card not using any stolen card.
  • Yes its fully secured with valid securiy SSL.
  • Due to too much fake signups and spams, we took this decision , the amount is full refundable to users and if you signup, this will -0.50 from plan amount.
  • Because that email is already used to signup, try paying again.
  • Please fill this form to apply refund: Refund Form
  • Yes, your 1 Month subscription is auto renewal unless you cancel. You can send an email to [email protected] for cancel auto renew.
  • You can simple send an email to [email protected] and ask for auto renewal.
  • We accept all types of credit cards.
  • This happen mostly when your bank is rejecting your credit card or your credit card limit is completed.
  • Go to your PayPal and click on Send & Request Money
  • Choose Friends and Family Option Payment
  • Add our account email: [email protected] and click on continue
  • Select Amount to Pay like 12 Euro, 30 Euro, 50 Euro, 85 or more and click on continue
  • Remember don't write note with payment
  • Now check transaction status > Copy transaction ID (Transaction ID can also be found in your email sent by PayPal)
  • Finally fill This Form and wait. We will send subscription details to your email as soon as possible.
  • Send friends and family option payment without note to [email protected] and fill this form.
  • Please go to Coinify.Com / /
  • Enter your email address, password and select your country and click on Register.
  • Check email and verify it.
  • After that go to this page and login.
  • Now Click on this link or on Buy Bitcoins
  • Now select amount for subscription like, 12 euro, 30 euro , 50 euro, 85 Euro or custom and click on continue.
  • On this page you'll be asked to add your Bitcoins wallet address, your need to put our address which is "12EW5XNky5jQTMug8iAsakpPen9jPh8QpV" > Paste there and continue.
  • On this page add your name and card details > Click on Pay > Payment will be completed.
  • After this you will get receipt from Coinify > Please forward that or send its PDF to [email protected]
  • We will send you details after sending your confirmation to us.
  • All Done Thanks :)
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    Send Skrill to our email [email protected] and fill this form.

    Extra Payment Options

    PayPal Email : [email protected]

    Step 1 > Choose Send & Request Payments :

    Step 2 > Choose Friends and Family Option:

    Step 3 > Add our account Email > [email protected]:

    Step 4 > Add Amount and Continue:

    Step 5 > Copy Transaction ID (Can be find from email too):

    Step 6 > Fill This Form:

    How to Pay With Credit Card Using Bitcoins ? (With Pictures)

    Step 1 Screenshot:

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    Step 2 Screenshot:

    Project Image

    Step 3 Screenshot:

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    Step 4 Screenshot:

    Project Image

    Step 5 Screenshot:

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    Step 6 Screenshot:

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